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2021 Founders Day Grant Recipients!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The Founders Day Essay Grant goes to an, active, associate or alumnae sister and is based on an essay written responding to the question, "As you think how you found Sigma Alpha Omega this Founders Day, tell us about a time since joining Sigma Alpha Omega that God has worked in your life to reveal this sisterhood was where you were called to be."

Faith Dumais, Upsilon Chapter at UNC Charlotte 2019 Graduate

Faith attended UNC Charlotte where she was part of the founding class of the Upsilon chapter. She graduated in 2019 and is not in here 2nd teaching teaching middle school special education in Charlotte. She also serves as the Upsilon chapter's adviser through the university, where she supports the chapter and loves seeing it and her sisters grow.

"When thinking back on years I’ve gotten to be in the Sigma Alpha Omega sisterhood, one moment really sticks out. God used this moment to show me that Sigma Alpha Omega was the sisterhood for me, but also gave me a look at what it really means to share the gospel. While I was still in college, at one of our mid-week Bible studies, important women in our walk with God came up. The sister leading asked us to talk about women who have been important in our walk with God. I was paired with a sister who reminded me of how we met while I was “tabling” a freshman orientation event called “Niner Night” (organizations use this night to meet freshmen and show them what their organizations are about in hopes they would join.) This sister told me that that meeting was the main reason she went through our recruitment that fall and joined Sigma Alpha Omega. She said I was a big part of her wanting to grow her relationship with God because she saw it in me. I knew right then and there I’d found my girls-my sisters. I knew the girls who could bring each other into a closer relationship with God was exactly what I wanted and I never looked back. Later, I’d attend a party to celebrate this sisters baptism and her mom shared the same story of that “Niner Night” with everyone there. Beyond that, during that Bible study I was also reminded that sharing the gospel can be easy as a simple conversation in the middle of a college basketball stadium." - Faith Dumais

Laken Homesley, Beta Chapter at Appalachian State University, 2021 Graduate

Laken is a Senior at Appalachian State University studying Business Management. After graduation she plans to attend Boot Camp at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, after graduation in Summer 2021, I will then attend Officer School for 12 weeks, followed by my job training school for another 10 weeks. My hobbies are painting and working out. My favorite part about being in SAO is being around Christ like family and friends.

"In early 2019 I was battling severe depression and extreme suicidal thought; I had even attempted suicide 3 times and failed. I still believed in God and was just reaching out for help every chance I could. I went into multiple churches crying for help that couldn’t help me in that moment. I called many churches that never called back, I was beginning to think God wasn’t there anymore. Until I went into a Christian bookstore in Boone, NC and just fell to the floor begging someone to help me, that I didn’t want to live anymore. For 11 hours I sat in a back office being prayed over and taught how God will never forsake me or leave me no matter how hard things seemed in that moment. I started going to see these ladies on a weekly basis, and then encouraged me that if I returned to school in the Fall to join SAO. Fast forward… SAO forever changed my life on September 22nd, 2019. I remembered moving back to Boone, NC, this place I was already so unhappy with and starting to struggle with my depression and suicidal thoughts again; but I promised God I would wait until September 22nd, 2019 to at least maybe find a family that cares about me, and will be there for me. I remember sitting in the ballroom listening to everyone’s big complete their little’s bible verse, and I told myself tonight would be the night I would finally kill myself and do it right, that I no longer had a purpose to continue. Then I was called, and this girl Whitney took me in as this Mother figure I had always dreamed of having. We spent all afternoon and night together, and I felt like this woman was an angle sent from God to watch over me. I had shared to her my struggles, and she told me that the first day I walked into SAO recruitment God had called her to watch over me, that she new I was struggling, and needed her help. She got me back in the word strong, and over a year I was able to work on my faith, work on my depression, work on my suicidal thoughts to where I’m able to help others in such a time of darkness, and share the word and the Lords purpose for them." - Laken Homesley

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