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Shopping on Amazon?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Did you know that while you shop for your everyday essentials or buy gifts for family and friends on Amazon you could be supporting Sigma Alpha Omega Foundation and in turn be giving back to the sisters?

1. Go to and log in

2. Change your charity name to "Sisters by Grace Foundation"

*Sigma Alpha Omega Foundation is previously known at Sisters by Grace Foundation. Due to some complicated matters, excruciating decisions to keep our Amazon Smile account reading Sisters by Grace were made. Don't worry though, the money will still reach Sigma Alpha Omega Sisters.

3. Start shopping! It is really that easy, small purchases add up, and the funds we raise go directly back to the sisters who are the hands and feet of Christ on campus and in this world.

Thank you for considering choosing Sigma Alpha Omega Foundation as your Amazon Smile Charity.

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