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Each year, Sigma Alpha Omega® (SAO) Christian Sorority, Inc. hosts a member Convention at a different location falling on the first Saturday of June, where the Annual Meeting of Members (AMOM) takes place. Each chapter and alumnae association of SAO is required to send two delegates to this meeting and convention. Of course, while the AMOM is very important for the management and future of the sisterhood, the real fun is the convention activities!

Sigma Alpha Omega® FoundationSM wants as many SAO members, alumnae or currently enrolled sisters, to attend convention as possible. The benefits of convention are innumerable, but to name some:

  • Worship corporately with other Christian women

  • Bond with your own chapter representatives as well as other chapter representatives

  • Exchange ideas and tips from other chapter and alumnae leaders

  • Grow deeper with God through a retreat-style Bible study and theme throughout the weekend

  • Network with members across the U.S.

  • Gain strategies from helpful "Sister Sessions" that pertain to SAO or simply the "real world"

  • Recharge your passion and energy for SAO to bring back home and inspire others

  • Participate in special events like the Talent Show, Awards Banquet and Dance, and Alumnae Luncheon

  • Receive perks like a commemorative shirt, welcome bag, and alumnae gift

  • Experience and explore a new location with sisters

  • Create memories to last a lifetime!

The Foundation Contributes to Convention

Sigma Alpha Omega® FoundationSM has classically supported the Sigma Alpha Omega (SAO) National Organization in its execution of Convention in multiple ways. In the past we have provided:

  • Grant applications for Convention Non-Delegate (i.e., SAO members coming to convention but not voting in the Annual Meeting of Members) for travel and/or registration cost assistance

  • An Ice Cream Evening Social during Convention

  • Hosting or co-hosting for the Alumnae Luncheon

  • Special "thank you" gifts for alumnae in attendance

  • Annual Report at the Annual Meeting of Members detailing our achievements, operations, and goals

  • Two special Awards at the Sigma Alpha Omega Awards Banquet:

    • President's Choice - Special recognition from the President of the Sigma Alpha Omega® FoundationSM Board of Directors​ to one Director who has gone above and beyond in her call to serve through her role

    • The Grace Award - This is awarded by the Sigma Alpha Omega® FoundationSM Board of Directors to a person who has demonstrated (1) a Christ-like attitude of integrity and compassion, and (2) a professional commitment to advancing the mission of the organization.

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