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Request Support from the Foundation

Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) is for sisters of the Sigma Alpha Omega® Christian Sorority, Inc.. who are experiencing financial hardship due to emergencies. The funds in the ERF are donations specifically for emergency assistance. This fund is separated from other financial accounts in our organization, and money in the ERF will never be used for any other expenses.

Examples of Emergencies (not exhaustive, exceptions could be made)

  • Death of a loved one (immediate relatives: parents, siblings, children, spouses, grandparents) (ex: travel expenses for bereavement/funeral, funeral expenses)

  • Emergency medical needs (ex: car accident, emergency surgery, medications)

  • Natural disaster (ex: replacement of furniture, evacuation expenses)

  • Fire (ex: emergency housing expenses, replacement of furniture)

  • Theft/crime (ex: replacement of stolen items, new locks)

  • ***Potentially**** Loss of Income (ex: rent, necessary utilities)


Examples of Non-Emergencies/Things Not Covered:

  • SAO Dues

  • Loss of Income due to quitting

  • Tuition, Books, etc.

  • Debt

  • Tickets/fines

  • Entertainment/recreational activities

Applications for the ERF should be made after exhausting all other forms of assistance. If you haven't done this, and don't know where to look, reach out to your local social service agencies for things like unemployment assistance, Section 8 housing vouchers, SNAP benefits, Medicaid, etc. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many options for assistance with rent, utilities, Medicaid, and others.

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