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Sisters Helping Sisters sponsorship program

With onset of COVID-19, many are struggling to make ends meet as well as adapt to new social limitations. Campus life is no different. Many of our members are anxious about being able to continue their memberships in our sisterhood. As a result, we are launching this sponsor match program (Sisters Helping Sisters) for alumnae sisters who can afford and are willing to sponsor sister dues in part or in full for those in need. There is no set amount required and you are welcome to contribute any amount with which you are comfortable.

Sponsors are expected to pay chapter treasurers directly after receiving instructions for how to do so via email after being matched with an active sister(s). Those alumnae who sponsor sisters will receive a mailed Thank You card along with recognition as a sponsor on the Sisters by Grace Foundation website under the "Special Recognition" tab after confirmation of receipt of payment by the chapter treasurer unless otherwise indicated.

To pledge your support of an active sister, fill out the pledge form available here.



Q: What happens if I fill out the pledge form and submit?

A: By filling out the pledge form, you are making a pledge to help a sister(s) in financial need to continue her membership in SAO this academic year in full or in part. These deserving sisters will be determined with the assistance of the chapters' Judicial Board and Treasurers by nomination/recommendation alone. Those who have been nominated or recommended for financial sponsorship will be extended the opportunity to be paired with one or more alumna sponsor(s) to accept or decline. Once our finalized list of sisters is complete, you will be matched and informed of how to submit sponsorship to the treasurer at the applicable chapter(s).

Q: Why can't I just give money to Sisters by Grace Foundation to pay for a sister's dues?

A: Sisters by Grace Foundation always needs donations, but a foundation cannot award funds to an individual with limitations on where she can spend the money. By sponsoring a sisters dues directly with payment to the chapter treasurer in the name of the sister in need, SBG ensures that your sponsorship is used for membership dues.

Q: Is this tax-deductible?

A: No. This is simply a program to locate active sisters in need and match them to willing alumnae sponsors to ensure they are able to continue in their membership. As a result, you will not need a receipt from Sisters by Grace Foundation but may ask for one from the chapter's treasurer to ensure receipt of payment. Any payment or funds donated to a chapter of Sigma Alpha Omega is not tax-deductible.

Q: Is a sponsorship only for chapter or national dues?

A: Sponsorship funds will be assigned based on the reported quantifiable need of the sister. Each member pays her chapter dues, national dues, and a national insurance fee based upon her membership status of active or associate. Inactive members do not pay dues and alumnae are recommended to pay "dues" through a donation to Sisters by Grace Foundation as outlined in Sigma Alpha Omega's National Bylaws.

Q: Can I remain anonymous from the sister I sponsor and from SBG's "Special Recognition"?

A: Yes, simply mark such on the end of this form. The only persons who will know your identity will then be the chapter treasurer and Sisters by Grace Foundation. We will not post your name as a sponsor on our "Special Recognition" tab on our website.

Q: What if I commit to sponsoring a sister but am unable to follow-through or remit a late payment?

A: Because sisters are reliant on those who pledge to support them through dues, any individual who does not honor her commitment will be flagged as an unreliable donor in Sisters by Grace Foundation donor management records and reported to Sigma Alpha Omega for their records. This may lead to a ban on participation in future programs.

Q: Can I sponsor an associate member?

A: No. Our sponsor-matching program is only for the benefit of active members.

To pledge your support of an active sister, please fill out the pledge form available here.

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